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Shake That Thing
September 29, 2016 12:09 PM PDT
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Did this back in the spring, figured autumn should have a dance party as well.

You Can’t Sit Down - The Dovells
Grab Your Pardner and Do Your Own Thing - Baby Al & The Capps
Twist At The Top - Howie Casey
Buzzsaw Twist - The Gee Cees
The Shift - Dave “Baby” Cortez
Bristol Twisting’ Danny - The Sherries
Snacky Poo - The Del Mars
Wiggling Fool - Jack Hammer
Get Down - Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds
The Itchy Scratch - Little Becky Cook & The Rag Mops
Miss Shake It - Ba Ba Thomas
Do The Broken Hip - Johnny Talbot
Get Down With It - Little Richard
Shake That Thing - Finney-Mo
Do The Whoopie - Sugar Pie DeSanto
Dear Lady Twist - Gary U.S. Bonds
Shing-A-Ling - The Cooperettes
Can’t Stop Moving - Johnny Chef
The James Brown Boogaloo - Little Genie Brooks
Dance Everybody Dance - The Dartells
Louisiana Twist - June Bug Bailey
Do The Jet - Jimmy J
Come Dance With Me - Saxie Russell
Nobody But Me - The Human Beings

As always....ENJOY

Everythings OK...
September 23, 2016 07:05 PM PDT
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I do these every year...little nod to my all time favorite recording artist on his birthday and the day he died. Hank Williams ladies and gentlemen.
Rockin Chair Money
Six more Miles (to the graveyard)
I’ll Have a New Body (I’ll have a new life)
Lonesome Whistle
Angel of death
I Cried Again
Ten Little Numbers
Rootie Tootie
Everythings OK
Howlin at the Moon
Baby We’re Really In Love
Setting the Woods On Fire
California Zephyr
The Devils Train
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Pan American
Freight Train Blues
Dixie Cannonball
Lovesick Blues
Mind Your Own Business
Honky Tonk Blues
Happy Roving Cowboy
As always- ENJOY

Fly Away And Be At Rest
September 15, 2016 08:12 AM PDT
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As good as The Cloverdale Kid's tribute to Prince Buster was (and it was incredible), I felt a personal need to pay tribute myself. Here is Pt. 2.

Everybody Ska
Three Against One
Say Boss Man (All Stars)
Fake King
Have Mercy (w/ The Heptones)
Johnny Cool
Judge Dread (aka Barrister Pardon)
Rock & Shake
Time Longer Than Rope
Wings Of A Dove
Cincinnati Kid
One Step Beyond
Toothache (All Stars)
Buster’s Idea (The Voice Of The People)
Ling Ting Tong
G.I. Lady (The Charmers w/ Prince Buster)
My Sound That Goes Around
Crying Over You (The Charmers w/ Prince Buster)

As always....ENJOY

Feel so broke up today...
September 09, 2016 06:02 PM PDT
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I had my introduction to Ska and Rocksteady in the eighties through bands like Madness and the Specials, and I was instantly a life-long devotee. It did not take me long to realize that none of those great two-tone bands would exist if it had not been for the scrappy gangster and consummate entrepreneur Prince Buster.
Yesterday we lost the Prince, but his musical legacy "lingers on". In any event, time to pay tribute and wash all our sins away- Time to do the SKA.
She Pon Top (Sheep On Top)
High Blood Pressure
I Won’t Let You Cry
Wash Wash
Shaking Up Orange Street
Ska Town (All Stars)
Tongue Will Tell
Everybody SKA
Don’t Throw Stones
Linger On
I Feel The Spirit
Tie The Donkeys Tail
Three Blind Mice
Jack the Ripper (All Stars)
King, Duke,Sir
Rough Rider
Ten Commandments
As always- ENJOY

Choice Of Colors
September 01, 2016 04:34 PM PDT
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Remember when you went to preschool and learned your colors? Let's review!

Color Blind - Frankie Beverly’s Raw Soul
The Black Widow - Link Wray
Red Headed Woman - Deke Dickerson
Little White Pills - Meat Purveyors
White Lines (Don’t Do It) - Grandmaster Flash & Mele Mel
White Riot - The Clash
Blue, Blue Day - Eddie Bond
The Girl In The Red Blue Jeans - Hopeless Homer
Red Coat, Green Pants & Red Suede Shoes - Lloyd Arnold
Choice Of Colors - The Impressions
Freezing Up Orange Street - Prince Buster
Black Man’s World - Alton Ellis & The Flames
Sally Brown - Laurel Aitken & The Loafers
Big Black Train - Stan Johnson
Up Against The Wall Redneck Mothers - Toad Hole Flats
Conservative Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight White American Males - Todd Snider
Black, Brown And White Blues - Big Bill Broonzy
Sweet Black Magic - Ryan Adams
City Painted Gold - The Brothers Comatose

As always....ENJOY!

Back at it
August 25, 2016 07:47 PM PDT
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Walkin’ Home from School- Gene Vincent
High School Blues- Mack Vickery
I Wish I’d Never Learned to Read- The Five Keys
Teach Me How- Johnny Williams Lee
Good Morning Little School Girl- Big Joe Williams
What a Wonderful World This Would Be- Sam Cooke
Hot For Teacher- Lee Press On and the Nails
Big Boy and the Teacher- URoy
Big Boy and the Teacher- Chin’s
Labor for Learning- Desmond Dekker
Schoolgirls- Heptones
Teacher Teacher- Dennis Alcapone
Don’t Stand So Close To Me- The Police
Story of my Life- Social Distortion
Horace the Swingin’ School Bus Driver- Jan and Dean
Smokin in the Boys Room- Brownsville Station
High School Confidential- Jerry Lee Lewis
Teach Your Children- Crosby Stills and Nash
Baggy Trousers- Madness
Rock N’ Roll High School- Ramones
As always- ENJOY

Oh That's Nice
August 17, 2016 05:54 PM PDT
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Here's a show I've been itching to put together for a while. Latin influenced rock, soul, boogaloo and more.
Whittier Blvd. - Thee Midnighters
Whatcha Gonna Do (When The Dance Is Over) - Sunday Funnies
Come And Swim With Me - Little Ray
She Goes Oonka Chicka - The Premiers
Cruise - The Ambertones
Oh That’s Nice - Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez
Lucy’s Spanish Harlem - Louie Ramirez
Johnny’s Boogaloo - Johhny Zamot
I Want A Chance For Romance - Hector Rivera
Midnighter - The Champs
One Like Mine - The Salas Brothers w/ The Jaguars
Put Me In Jail - Sunny & The Sunliners
Phases Of Time - Joe Jama & The Royal Jesters
Brown Baby - Willie G.
El Monkey - Saxie Russel
Let’s Dance - Chris Montez
96 Tears - ? And The Mysterians
La La La La La - The Blendells
Do You Dig It? - Ray Barretto
Big Daddy - The Pagents

As always.....ENJOY

Defending the love of the common people...
August 11, 2016 09:54 AM PDT
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Pow Pow Pow! Some toasting for you on this fine summer day!
What is Catty? U-Roy
Baby Why- The Cables and Dennis Alcapone
Riddle I This- Scotty
Meet the Boss- Sir Harry
Sweet Like Candy- Jeff Barnes
What a La-La- Lizzy
Wear You To The Ball- U Roy
Donkey Skank- Delroy Jones
All Nations Bow- Big Youth
Why Do Lovers- King Stitt
I Like It Like This- Johnny Lover
Gun Court- Little Joe
The Train- Lloyd the Matador
Night Owl- Prince Jazzbo
Do Something- Charlie Ace
CN Express- Clancy’s All-Stars
Peyton Place- D Tony Lee
Guns Don’t Argue- Dennis Alcapone
As always- Enjoy!

Feel Alright
August 03, 2016 04:43 PM PDT
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More reggae to enhance that summer vibe.

King Of The Track - Dennis Alcapone
That Girl - Lloyd & Glen
Man Oh Man - The Inspirations
High Tide - Rupee Edwards All Stars
Back Out With It - The Wailing Souls
Doctor Sappa Too - Sound Dimension
Buggu Yagga Gal - Cliff & The Diamonds
Work It - The Viceroys
Run Girl Run - G.G. Grossett
Hot Shot - Dermott Lynch
What A Woman - Bill Gentles
Feel Alright - The Cables
Sometimes - John Holt
Send Me The Pillow (That You Dream On) - The Bleachers
I’ve Got To Go Back Home - Bob Andy
Please Be True - Alexander Henry
Got The Tip - The Upsetters & Junior Byles
Blam Blam Fever - The Valentines
Don’t Brag, Don’t Boast - Clancy Eccles
Let The Teardrops Fall - Horace Andy
Loving Reggae - The Maytones

As always.....ENJOY

What Mek You Go On So?
July 29, 2016 10:23 AM PDT
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I have about three groups that I could listen to all day, and this is another of them (to follow the Heptones I posted next week). Those of you who know me will know what is likely next...but for now, Leonard Dillon and the Ethiopians- roots originals. Reggae time.
All songs by the Ethiopians unless noted
My Testimony
Engine 54
The Whip
Live Good
What a Big Surprise
Owe Me No Pay Me
Love I Tender (Uroy)/Mother’s Tender Care
Open the Gate
Dun Dead Already
Well Red
I’m Gonna Take Over Now
Cool It Amigo
Knowledge is Power
Feel the Spirit (Clap Your Hands)
The Word Is Love
Good Ambition
What a Big Surprise
What a Pain
Mek You Go On So
As always-ENJOY

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